DIY Generation

I live in a DIY generation. I think it maybe started with the Home&Garden Network (since re-dubbed HGTV), but suddenly, everyone was a weekend interior decorator, landscaper, carpenter, general contractor, wedding planner, pastry chef, etc., etc., etc. So, why not also be a librarian?

One of my favourite news outlets, VICE, just published an intriguing article about the rise of DIY Libraries. These niche spaces are attempting to recapture the social aspects of books, emphasize “the power of the collective over the power of cash,” and celebrate the physicality of books in a world that is seeing traditional libraries move away from harbouring large print collections.

After reading this article, I assisted a customer at the shop in which I work, who was looking to purchase a gift for her father. She was looking for a wooden bird that he could use to decorate the sign for the DIY library he was busy establishing at his cottage. Retired and looking for a summer hobby, he decided to create a space that could be shared and enjoyed by all of his Muskoka neighbours, proving that DIY libraries are not merely the pets of NYC hipsters.

It sort of made me want to start one of my own.


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